Have been blogged blocked…..

1902030_656470771067367_1613571935_nMy mind is kinda stagnant this week, writing is such a creative element and sometimes I just don’t have the spark for it….and then I’ll go thro a period of divine creativity and it pours out!! I have had bouts of dreariness [depression] my whole life on and off…..hate that stigmatised word “depression” but it is a part of me and I have to accept it!

At the moment I think mine is connected to lack of Vit D….I just don’t explore outside enough to retrieve my daily dose of D rays! So today popped a few multi vitamin’s to try and catch up, but will explore the health shop up the mountain tomorrow to hopefully pick up a bottle of “happy”.

Marc my wonderful husband who I love to bits and is the love of my life, is finely tuned to my moods. He is a great support and loves me for who I am, and that itself is amazingly beautiful! We have a wonderful life with all its ups and downs as all of us do, but I wouldn’t swap it for anything…..

My BigGirlsPants has been developed into a FaceBook page and I have sewn pants!!  Sold only 1 pair at this stage, but I am enjoying the page, and add bits and pieces to keep it alive. All my pants are in a local shop up here on the mountain at the moment, and I attempted to sew up 2 pairs yesterday, but that didn’t go well lol

My paleo diet is going…just going…..I haven’t been that strict and I’m feeling, not exactly in tip top health at the moment so will have to adjust that somewhat.

So wonderful people out there….I’m back

butter bean salad…..


…….just whipped up this salad for GM and myself for dinner easy as peasy

1 can of Butter Beans

2 sticks of Celery [chopped]

1 large tomato [chopped]

1 med or large cooked or chargrilled pepper [chopped]

2 stems of spring onions[chopped]

4 turns of salt grinder [sea salt]

6 shakes of lime and chili Blend [McCormick]

1 tbspn extra virgin Olive Oil

3 stems of fresh Parsley [chopped]

5-10 fresh Mint leaves[chopped]

any amount of homemade mayonnaise, I used Caesar dressing

Combine in bowl, and leave for 15 mins at least for flavours to develop and blend…OR…..eat straight away with spoon from serving bowl lol  😉


…breakfast, sewing and apple cider vinegar


Kale and new Friends

Brilliant I say….another lady up here on the mountain wrote a letter to the editor last week in our local paper, explaining her weight loss journey, and she wants to form a group of “like-minded souls” to meet up and give each other support/friendship/and sharing. Its something I have thought about on and off these past months, but the procrastinator part of me [yes I can be sometimes 😦 ] didn’t give me a push to start looking.

And then it fell in my lap….yahooo 

She also blogs on here so I am going to recommend you check her out too….can’t wait for our first get together 🙂


….meanwhile back on the ranch lol…giddy up giddy up

The Paleo/eat fresh lifestyle change is working well, our meals are much more wholesome, fresh and locally sourced. The markets up here on the mountain are fantastic, of which we scooped up fresh avocados/onions/honey and nearly bought some Kale last sunday. 

I say nearly bought, because I spotted it on the shelf in the “Green Shed” and was humming and arrring, turned to my friend Carol[special lady] and asked her what I could do with it and then decided not to get it!!

BUT wait there’s more…….because in the afternoon my other girlfriend Sue [fantastic artist] and myself went along to a cook book launch for a local lady “Brenda Fawdon”.



And there she was whizzing up fresh locally bought KALE and creating it into a pesto…and by jeepers it was good!!  Yes of course we got a sample ….come on people, its half the fun of a cooking demo lol

So in short Kale will be introduced onto our plate soon….Green Shed here I come next Sunday Yippee-I-Aaaa……..


OMG its October!!

Well have no excuses really, had a wee hiatus on the writing….called “writers block” I guess lol

……and have done a complete 360 in regards to food……my darling daughter Jade had been doing the Paleo thing for ages and has lost kilo’s, I have been umming and arring about doing it for a while, and then a light turned on around the 15th August. We were standing in her kitchen chatting, a few days before going on a wonderful cruise with our close friends, and we started talking Paleo.
You know caveman ugh ugh diet….cringing now, hate that word “DIET”……
……anyhow GM and myself suddenly decided that when we returned from “wonderful tropical cruise” [jealous?] we would start the Paleo lifestyle change…..and we did!!

The very next day we removed …potatoes/bread/rice/pasta from our daily munchings, and concentrated on caveman meat and vegetables ugh ugh……
To be honest, I thought, out of the forbidden list I would miss potatoes the most, and bread…but NO!!

I also love lashings of “Pasta’, or an excellent curry and “Rice”…..but we haven’t missed it at all. We have had curry but with vegetables instead…..

Well up to now at least….I have been pondering how to make some pasta with Semolina flour, and expand our recipes a tad. We tried a gluten free pizza base, which wasn’t too bad, and gluten free pikelet mix, but I prefer to make things from scratch, so need to source some good quality supplies.

But you know what the most amazing thing is I don’t have my tummy troubles anymore, I don’t feel bloated after I eat a meal or snack, my skin is more silky [ok well to me anyhow] and I’m not hungry and ravenous like an out of control mad woman just coming off a hunger strike…its fantastic!!!!!

So people we are now Paleo converts…and I have lost 7 kilos yaheeeeeee without even factoring exercise into my daily equation, so as you can imagine I am E-STAT-ICK!!!!!!



Fruit/Wi and Tai Chi

……the weekend
can be harder for me food wise, especially with GM working in the afternoon/evenings…..it was so hot last night and I felt at a loose end [you know…unravelling lol]
I did munch on a lot of fresh fruit, which is better than processed junk foods….. but I was still turning to the fruit for something to do!! interesting?!?!??!?
…….in reflection I should have sat down at the computer and typed up my blog  😉

I started a local Tai Chi class on Friday night with my sugar policewoman and another lovely lady Lisa……it was great, had always been interested in the  exercise style, but I had never “got around to it” . The instructor was great and I found it quite relaxing, looking forward to a regular internal and external workout!!


Gentle exercise (as found in Tai Chi):

  • Produces a refreshed, greater mental focus
  • Creates better sleep patterns
  • Boosts the body immune system
  • Protects joints and bones
  • Creates good body posture and skeletal integration
  • Promotes muscle fitness
  • Stimulates body endorphins production


I miss my daily swimming when we lived in the big bad city, and haven’t replaced it with anything!!!  bad bad girl, tho in saying that have dragged out the Wi from storage and set it up in the lounge, as it weighs you too with a graph etc, to track your weight and body mass index, as well as using the step board for exercises, and now that I have it out I will start-up an exercise program for myself using its many applications like yoga/strength training/balance games/stepping etc


Jack Reacher and “Grain Waves”

….yes I have had a slip, a processed food slip…..yesterday went down the mountain…yes actually ventured off down the winding road to civilization WOW….and met up with an old girlfriend [no C you are not old} lol and we had a lovely morning at the movies watching the new movie out “jack reacher”….and although I had stuffed a banana down one’s throat for breakfast [as I drove, naughty!]….I felt a little light-headed by the time I had parked on the wrong side of Harbour Town and walked thro at a brisk pace….sooooo grabbed a small bag of grain waves to munch on while picking holes in Tom Cruise’s acting ability!!!

I have to say the salty crunchy GW’s were delish, I enjoyed them but….see below!?!?!? 😦

Whole Grain GW’s
Serving Size: 28 g, Calories: 133, Fat: 5.8g,

Carbs: 18.1g, Protein: 2g             

ok I did enjoy them I do admit, but when C and I went for lunch after I chose the chicken salad….and I might add it is the first salad I have ever ordered eating out.
My philosophy has always been “why pay for a few bits of lettuce etc when I can make that at home”
 So my mind-set is coming around, I did feel guilty about the gw’s and adjusted my intake at lunch, the salad by the way was delicious and I came home feeling pleased with myself. Good grief when I think of past experiences, I was too hard on myself, no wonder I kept falling short every time I dieted [dirty word]…..most of the time if I cheated [another dirty word] I felt like I had totally failed myself and just gave up in disgust……so I was on this continuous merry-go-round. In summary I am definitely stronger in mind about changing my eating habits of a lifetime, and I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything.

The mind is a strong powerful tool


oh and a final foot note…if you read Lee Child novels about the continuous adventures of “Jack Reacher” as I do, you won’t be too disappointed if you go to see the movie, when C and I heard Tom Cruise was to play the part of Jack we were mortified….Tom is opposite of what we perceived Jack to be, so I went with an open mind but also ready to shred Tom where he stood, but….it was an ok movie GM will enjoy it more as he has never read the books, but out of 10 I will rate it a 6 1/2, which is good as I was expecting a 2!!  😉

and and and….. I think Hugh Jackman is a better version of Jack Reacher…so there Tom lol

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