I know I missed 4 days!!!

ok peeps…love that little ditty…..yes I am back, haven’t had a major food relapse or anything like that, just had writers block really and couldn’t get thoughts together, but feeling inspire to write hence the mad typing you can hear lol….and thank god for spell check I say!!!
 ……my consumption of food has been good, have had no slips, still munching my muesli, fruit, prawns, vegy’s etc, have lost 1 kilo……YES!!! Mind you that was probably in the last few days tramping up and down the chicken path, it is a steepy, and my thighs are firmer I am sure!?!??! Yes really………firmer
I am finding it a bit boring writing the food down everyday and really it is the same so will do a weekly up date on that instead…if I do accidentally throw a mouthful of something totally “delectable”….hmmmm I mean naughty…..I promise to report about it and how it made me feel 🙂
I have never in my 52 years been in such a great head space in regards to food, its like I have finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel WOW……its amazing
 Not saying I might not have the odd glitch but after 1 month I am feeling in control of my mouth and I am sure GM will add “that’s unusual” ……”ahhh honey it means my eating habits not talking” lol  😉

Interesting article in the SUN….see link below

I am/or was/or trying not to be……………… THE ZOMBIE/BINGE/AND COMFORT EATER








3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ramblingsfromamum
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 08:46:43

    Wondering why I hadn’t heard from you young lady! Are you also measuring yourself, I mean not every day – but maybe an idea and then in a month do it again, you will reach a plateau when all the good food intake will seem that it is not working, unless you now make a firm effort to trudge up and down that chicken path some more. 30 mins a day brisk walking..possible? If you feel your thighs are firmer then they probably are which is excellent 🙂 It sounds like your mind set has changed and you may not need to write down every morsel you consume, but YES please describe your feelings when you do slip up and have a ‘treat’, be interesting to see. I am so pleased that you now feel in control and looking at food different. Now no more slacking off, I want to see your report each day or at least every few days 😉 xx


  2. biggirlspants
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 12:09:45

    yes mame and glad to hear from you mame no slacking…..measuring as in tape measure or weighing? I will be aware of the morsel side of things and just jot it down on my desk…..still want to keep myself in check everyday as I have a long way to get down to a healthy weight…….but by gosh the path is clear and I’m running at the moment………… yahoooo 🙂


  3. Lorraine - Yoda
    Jan 15, 2013 @ 23:03:16

    Running …soon you will be able to walk over to my place : )
    Measuring great suggestion ramblings, as you can change with out knowing it ?

    Still think it is a good thing to write everything down everyday even if it is boring as it makes your brain comprehend what you are putting in your mouth even what you are drinking ice coffee hmmmmmm ……

    Depending on the brewing method, iced coffee can be served already chilled, or poured hot, double strength, over an equal amount of ice. Because sugar does not dissolve readily into cold liquids, it must be added either directly to the hot base, or to the finished product in the form of simple syrup, which can be made by mixing quantities of water and sugar, then simmering over low heat until the desired viscosity is attained. Unlike sugar, most synthetic substitutes such as aspartame (Equal, Nutrasweet) or sucralose (Splenda) will dissolve readily into cold coffee.

    Most iced coffee has about 18 grams of sugar

    SUGAR POLICE ………..

    You should be drinking coffee,water, tea,green tea ,herbal tea ….sorry : )


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