OMG its October!!

Well have no excuses really, had a wee hiatus on the writing….called “writers block” I guess lol

……and have done a complete 360 in regards to food……my darling daughter Jade had been doing the Paleo thing for ages and has lost kilo’s, I have been umming and arring about doing it for a while, and then a light turned on around the 15th August. We were standing in her kitchen chatting, a few days before going on a wonderful cruise with our close friends, and we started talking Paleo.
You know caveman ugh ugh diet….cringing now, hate that word “DIET”……
……anyhow GM and myself suddenly decided that when we returned from “wonderful tropical cruise” [jealous?] we would start the Paleo lifestyle change…..and we did!!

The very next day we removed …potatoes/bread/rice/pasta from our daily munchings, and concentrated on caveman meat and vegetables ugh ugh……
To be honest, I thought, out of the forbidden list I would miss potatoes the most, and bread…but NO!!

I also love lashings of “Pasta’, or an excellent curry and “Rice”…..but we haven’t missed it at all. We have had curry but with vegetables instead…..

Well up to now at least….I have been pondering how to make some pasta with Semolina flour, and expand our recipes a tad. We tried a gluten free pizza base, which wasn’t too bad, and gluten free pikelet mix, but I prefer to make things from scratch, so need to source some good quality supplies.

But you know what the most amazing thing is I don’t have my tummy troubles anymore, I don’t feel bloated after I eat a meal or snack, my skin is more silky [ok well to me anyhow] and I’m not hungry and ravenous like an out of control mad woman just coming off a hunger strike…its fantastic!!!!!

So people we are now Paleo converts…and I have lost 7 kilos yaheeeeeee without even factoring exercise into my daily equation, so as you can imagine I am E-STAT-ICK!!!!!!




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