Mountain Life

Thought I would add another page of funny happenings on the mountain, lets face it funny and odd things happen all the time in our lives, it just so happens we are at the moment living on a wonderful mountain in the Gold Coast Hinterland, and adjusting to a different change of life style…its fun and sometimes frustrating but GM and myself wouldn’t have it any other way 😉

Funny happenings

No 1: we had been living in the “house that jack built” for about a month, when in the early hours of the morning, 1.30am, there was my mother calling to us from the bottom of the stairs…”help help” …GM and myself leapt out of bed in a sleepy stupor, nearly broke our necks trying to get down the narrow staircase at the same time, and mum is standing there in a state saying there is something coming thro the roof!!  I push GM in front of me [of course he’s the man] and we go down to the big lounge which is set up as a studio area for mum to use…… there us looking up at the high ceiling was, what I thought at the time…now don’t laugh…a huge claw poking through the roof…..[ok maybe too many sci fi movies but it seem like a scene out of a horror]…..I screamed jumped back nearly flattening mother….trying to comprehend what my eyes were looking at!! Even GM was startled, and after a few minutes we realised it was actually the furry bum of a possum. Yep believe it or not, it had scratched a small hole in the white plaster board ceiling and now its rear end was poking through.  By this time mum and I were shaking, and I was quite concerned…abit much at that hour of the morning for a 79 yr old having furry visitors nearly landing on top of her in bed, it’s a wonder she didn’t have a heart attack!!  Not knowing the habits of  possums we weren’t sure if it would keep scratching and end up falling into the room so we sat up the other end of the house till morning [no doors to shut it in] and promptly rang the real estate to come out and remove the wee furry darling @#$%!*&#@!…………….ahh a small taste of the wild life lol…we had known there was a residential possum living there as the owners had pointed it out when we moved in, but there was never a discussion of it visiting us unannounced like that…hmmmmmm  need to check leases more carefully!!!


N0 2……..we have never lived in a house  so ramshackled…is there such a word?!?!?  We decided to rent a property up here on the mountain first before we bought, and as there were not many around at our price I chose this sweet little cottage…lol ….well it didn’t quite turn out like we thought, possums in the roof…as above….not only in the roof space but running at full pelt along the roof in huge big gumboots…..funny now!!!   rotting back steps that lead down to the clothes line…ha never went out that way for the 6 mths we were there…..front deck was falling to pieces, nice little trip I did on the first day we moved in lol, lucky ankle was still intact…….tv connections in the kitchen behind the bench, they had walled up the point when the owners put in the new kitchen…duh, the electrician thought it was hilarious, not his side kick though who had to crawl under the length of the house to move the cables……light switches that turned on nothing, or something that was metres away…hmmmm friends helped wire up the house did they??…and a front door that was so warped it had a 2 inch gap when it was shut lol lovely in the winter when it was freezing and blasting cold air into the house…..ahhhhhhhhhhh well  I say “sa la vie” it was an experience anyhow…………..since then we have moved lol


No 3…….just picked up 3 lovely Rhode Island Reds [chickens] form another fellow mountain girl, really good layers and I might add wonderful flyers lol……GM and myself running around at the bottom of the garden last night on dusk trying to encourage our  2 feathered gals back into the coop….yep that was funny, as it’s not flat, we live in a pole house so it’s quite steep and bushy [I call it a self sufficient garden lol] …..I really worked those leg muscles, huffing and puffing, but GM managed to corner the sweet little chicken legs and we locked them up for the night. Of course GM is at work tonight and I just looked over the deck, and sure enough those 2 younger wanton wanderers have “flown the coop” again aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!     Will be an interesting evening, tomorrow somebody will be getting their feathers clipped


No 4

……………..yes the 2 younger wanton wanderers aka “the twins” are frequent fliers lol….clocking up the points like crazy, it was clip the wings or let them free range…..I am all for free ranging myself, we were hesitant because of snakes and fox’s but our lovely neighbours told us they had only seen 1 carpet snake in 5 years and as we lock the girls up at night the fox’s shouldn’t be a problem…..sooooo they are scratching in the bush as I type under the window…ah thats them under the window not me typing lol.  We also added another 2 to the flock so have a total of 5 cheeky chickens-“Mama chook” [as she is the only one laying and is the elder of the girls, but certainly not the boss] -the “Twins” [came with mama] – “Bossy and Boots”[ yes as you have guessed Bossy the boss, black Australorp and her side kick Boots, another red]  It is a pleasure having them and they are well behaved really, when I go down at night about 6.30pm to lock them up they get all excited and the ones that have decided to fly the coop for the afternoon come scurrying after me into the pen just in case they miss out on some special titbit I might have bought lol….so they are easy to keep………….I just dread going down one day and coming face to face with a carpet snake!

snake bite

December up the mountain……

another xmas is soon to appear again, where I say has the year gone…….

the chicken “gals” are doing well, we expanded the flock to 6 now, and luckily, as I was reading the other day on the net, that we added them in pairs, as apparently they get very stroppy with singular newcomers!!

Of course they are firmly penned up now, as the free ranging didn’t quite pan out as we expected….we lost the twins, so were left with “bossy and boots”!

now we have “chicken little, sparrow, chicka and dee”

yes I know my choice of names is eccentric lol…but it doesn’t effect them too much, no therapist bills yet!!

we love our eggs, at least we know what the little darling are eating, and then in turn what we are consuming!!

Queensland changed its “free ranging” laws ………..good grief could they pack anymore chickens in?!?!?!

to us that is not healthy or even humane for the chickens, thought we were past all the “stuffing them in cages type living” !?!?!?!?!?!?!

this is nearly the same…………

The Queensland Government has allowed an increase in chicken stock densities from 1500 per hectare to 10,000 per hectare, effective from July. However, with this allowing just 1sq m of space per bird, there are increased concerns over the chickens’ welfare.

Humane Choice Australia is generating the postcards and believes 1500 birds per hectare should be the standard for what is considered free range.”Coles is driving this change – they want to be able to label 10,000 birds per hectare as free range. They’re hoodwinking the public into thinking the eggs are FREERANGE”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ramblingsfromamum
    Feb 03, 2013 @ 06:16:27

    When did you add this? I never saw it before. Very funny – -particularly the possum bum, ya poor mum!. The other thing is for some reason I thought you were American then when I read you in the Gold Coast Hinterland…well I must say I was surprised! (In a good way) Now where the heck are you woman- you have too quiet for to long! xx 🙂


  2. ramblingsfromamum
    Feb 08, 2013 @ 13:28:24

    Hmm now I’m concerned…where are you Missy? 😦 xxx


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